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  Weekly Feature (May 6, 2007)

What Can I Do to Save the Earth?



“Global Warming,” “Kyoto Accord,” “Go Green,” “Save the Planet” are all catch phrases of the day, but what do they mean? When I see clips of Al Gore's documentary film, “An Inconvenient Truth,” where glaciers are melting into the ocean, I have asked myself “ . . . but what can I do?” 

If I stop here I believe I am just as guilty as the multi national conglomerates who continue to emit greenhouse gases into the environment or the nations who refuse to ratify the Kyoto Accord.

It all starts with one person making one small change. I am starting here by suggesting to you that we all do something today.  Ideas and suggestions are everywhere.

Below I have listed 10 simple ideas to start with. Try one new one a day for the next 10 days. If you want to do more, check out some of the web sites I have found.


  1. Slow down —by driving slower i.e. 80 km/hr versus 110 km/hr you can save a quarter tank of gas. For more gas saving tips go to: CNN Gas Saving Tips
  2. Use compact fluorescent lights – these lights last up to 10 times longer than the regular incandescent bulbs and use about 2/3 less electricity. For more information check out: Energy Star Program
  3. Take cloth bags to the grocery store—if you can’t do this you can at least reuse the plastic bags.
  4. Turn off computers and appliances—this will save more energy than leaving them on standby.
  5. Avoid disposable cups—when you buy a cup of coffee take your own mug with you.
  6. Wash your clothes in cold water or take a shower in the dark. (I’ve included these in one because they are both so easy!)
  7. Get house plants—they help remove toxins from household cleaners and furniture and absorb carbon dioxide.
  8. Turn off the water while you are brushing your teeth.
  9. Recycle —in most areas you should be able to at least recycle: paper, cardboard, newspaper, mixed papers, aluminum/metal cans, glass bottles and plastics. For more recycling information in New Westminster check out: New Westminster Recycling Program
  10. Watch “An Inconvenient Truth” with your children – the documentary by Al Gore is a definite eye opener.


Do you want to do more? Check out some of these web sites.

BC Hydro Powersmart Program

Turn it Off!

David Suzuki: Canadian Environmentalist

BC Reuses

One Less Ton

One Day Vancouver

Climate Crisis (Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth" Site)


May 16, 2007 – BC Hydro is asking BC to turn down the power and save energy for 1 day.


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