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  Weekly Feature (September 16, 2007)


From Studying to Snoring
Renuka's Weekly Feature



As the new school year unfolds, the students at Pearson ALC will meet new classmates and teachers, adjust to their schedules, and challenge themselves academically. The teachers are here to guide you through, so please do ask when you need extra help.

However, as students, you must remember to help yourselves as well. As we embark on this journey together, we need to keep in mind that in order to achieve success, we need to maintain balanced, healthy lifestyles. One major factor in keeping healthy is sleep.

Sleep rejuvenates our minds and bodies. A restful night of sleep can increase our concentration in class and help us remember what we learn. There is much argument about how many hours of sleep is sufficient for the human body.

Some individuals are able to get by with much less sleep than others, yet still feel just as alert and refreshed. Our bodies are actually quite good at "telling us" whether we have slept enough. Listen to your body, and remember that naps are not just for babies!

Here are five idioms related to sleep:

 1)  sleep on it - to wait before making an important decision.

  "You don't have to decide about the new job right away. Why don't you sleep on it?"

 2) not lose sleep over something - to not worry about something.

 "I studied hard, so I won't be losing sleep over the test results."

 3) can do something in their sleep - can do something very easily, because they have done it many times before.

 "I have written so many essays that I could write one in my sleep now."

 4) not sleep a wink - not sleep at all.

 "I was so excited to start this new class - I didn't sleep a wink last night!"

 5) sleep like a log - to sleep very deeply.

 "I slept like a log because I was so exhausted from our hiking trip yesterday."


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