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  Weekly Feature (October 7, 2007)


I am Thankful


A recent article by Douglas Todd in The Vancouver Sun quotes The Dalai Lama as saying that gratitude is a kind of “wise selfishness,” a kind of “conscious awareness” of the effect of others on your life. Here, I’ve expanded my list to include things other than people.

I am thankful for the luck that makes a difference.

I am thankful for knowing to “seek the least of all possible mistakes.”

I am thankful for the rain that fell today.

I am thankful I have climbed so many mountains.

I am thankful for Baba at CKUA.

I am thankful for my computer.

I am thankful for the monks of Burma.

I am thankful to have witnessed fifty years.

I am thankful for a friendly wave.

I am thankful to have floated on my back in Graham Lake.

I am thankful for the spruce and cherry tree.

I am thankful for the family who shares my table.

I am thankful.



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