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Weather and Source of Information Prepositions
Louise's Weekly Feature


The correct use of prepositions is a struggle for many. In most cases, students need to memorize how and when the prepositions are used. Learning how to use prepositions according to their function can help students learn correct usage in a systematic way. This article will cover prepositions of weather and sources of information.

Before you read, take the following quiz as a pre-test. Then read the following information to help you memorize the prepositions you used incorrectly.

Weather Prepositions

1) during

-weather events like a storm, flood, hurricane, tornado or earthquake

We stayed inside during the thunderstorm.

2) in, in the snow, in the rain

-types of weather: good, bad, foul, stormy, cloudy, humid, wet, dry, hot, cold, sticky

They go to the beach in hot weather.

He played in the snow.

They stay inside in stormy weather.

3) on

-types of days, periods of the day: nice days, sunny mornings, humid nights, rainy weekends

I sit in my garden on nice days.

We open all the windows on sunny evenings.

Try another quiz before reading the following. Then read the following information to help you memorize the prepositions you used incorrectly.

Sources of Information Preposition

1) in

-written material: book, magazine, article, newspaper

I discovered the information in a book.

She found the crossword puzzle in the newspaper.


2) on

-electronically: the radio, the Internet, the telephone, television

I read it on the Internet.

I talked to him on the telephone.



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