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  Weekly Feature (January 28, 2008)

4 Weeks into 2008
by Helen


What do you do every January 1st? Iím not referring to the celebration of the New Year but rather the custom of making a commitment to change a particular habit or way of life Ė the New Yearís Resolution (NYR). Are you one of the many who participate in this annual ritual and, if so, four weeks into January how are you doing?

A Little History
Unfortunately this weekly feature applies to only half the population. I apologize to the 50% of the population who donít make resolutions. However, the numbers have apparently been rising steadily over the years and I believe there are many closet resolution makersóthose not willing to admit their resolutions.

The whole idea of NYR began over 4000 years ago in Babylon where the Babylonians would begin the New Year by paying off all their old debts. 2000 years later the Romans would use the New Year to assess the past year, and resolve to make changes.

Our Resolutions
What do we do now? As most of us are in too much debt to even begin to think of paying it off we concentrate our efforts on our physical well being. The top 3 categories include losing weight, quitting smoking and beginning an exercise program.

Regardless of what you decided to change on January 1st are you one of the lucky to have stuck with it? Twenty percent of us will have fallen by the way side after only one week. 68% donít last 3 months and only 15% can last a year or longer.

Need Help?
We are four weeks into 2008. How are you doing with your NYR? Over the years of falling short on my decisions to exercise or reduce my daily caffeine intake I have come up with a better system. I still make those annual resolutions, but I find the first of any month an excellent opportunity to consciously make an effort to improve. And should I happen to be unsuccessful at any time, I find a Sunday (the beginning of my week) a good time to start again.

If my simple suggestions arenít sufficient to keep you on track there are several sites dedicated to supporting those brave enough to admit there is room for improvement.

1. New Year's Resolution Action Plan)
2. 10 Ways to Kick-Start the New Year
3. New Yearís Resolutions Ė Beating the Odds


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