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  Weekly Feature (August 24, 2008)


Lucy Maud Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables
Patricia's Weekly Feature


In English 7/8 this summer we read about Lucy Maud Montgomery, a famous Canadian writer. Lucy originally trained to be a teacher, but her real career was writing.  In fact, she wrote 24 books and hundreds of poems and short stories. One of her most well-known stories is Anne of Green Gables. Actually, Lucy’s life was similar to Anne’s. They were both orphans and lived with strict elderly people on a farm in Prince Edward Island in the late 1800s. When Lucy looked dreamily out the window in her grandparent’s house, she could see a white house with green gables. Perhaps this picturesque place inspired her to create the story Anne of Green Gables. Writers often use situations, people and places in their own lives to create characters in their books. It certainly worked for Lucy Maud Montgomery, for her books have been read and enjoyed by thousands of people around the world. Since this is the 100th anniversary of the publication of Anne of Green Gables, you can read more and view pictures at the anniversary web site.

 You can also read a brief descriptive paragraph about the first episode of the film below.

                                    Anne of Green Gables

     Prince Edward Island’s lovely landscape comes to life in the film Anne of Green Gables. In the beginning, Anne, a talkative young orphan, is met at a small train station by Mathew, an elderly bachelor.  Reluctantly, Matthew takes Anne in his horse drawn buggy back to his home.  On the way, they pass the bright blue Atlantic, gentle green farmland, and pretty pink blossoms. Anne can’t stop talking, for she is delighted by all of the sights. When she sees the charming white house with the green gables, she is elated. It is such a contrast from her previous home in the grim orphanage. Sadly, Matthew’s sister, Marilla, is not elated when she sees Anne.  She was expecting a boy. Nevertheless, she feeds Anne and puts her to bed. Will Marilla change her mind about Anne? You’ll have to watch this enchanting movie to find out.

Read the compound sentences (two sentences put together with a coordinator such as for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so and a comma)

1.    Anne liked Matthew, and Matthew liked Anne.

2.    Anne wanted to stay, but Marilla wanted Anne to go.

3.    Anne would return to the orphanage, or she would stay at Green Gables.

4.    Anne wanted to stay at Green Gables, for it was the most pleasant place she had ever seen.

5.    Matthew liked Anne a lot, so he told Marilla that Anne should stay.

6.    Anne didn’t want to return to the orphanage, nor did she want to leave Green Gables.

7.    Anne liked her height, yet she didn’t like her hair.

Read the complex sentences.

1.    When Lucy Maud Montgomery went to Halifax, she trained to be a teacher.
Lucy Maud Montgomery trained to be a teacher when she went to Halifax.

2.    Because Lucy was a good writer, she won some prestigious awards.
Lucy won some prestigious awards because she was a good writer.

3.    If you go to Prince Edward Island, you can visit Lucy’s home.
You can visit Lucy’s home if you go to Prince Edward Island.


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