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Canada Day ParagraphsCanada Day Paragraphs
Rick's Weekly Feature


Before writing a good paragraph, there are two important considerations: your audience and your purpose. Most of the time your audience will be your teacher or fellow students. For your audience, you want to demonstrate your skills in sentence construction and organization. You also want to show vocabulary development and style. While understanding your audience is straightforward, it is often more difficult to determine your purpose or reason for the paragraph.

Below are three different paragraphs on the topic of Canada Day. All began with brainstorming the topic. Once all the ideas had been put down on paper, it was important to focus the topic on a specific question. The important thing to notice is that each paragraph is very different in its purpose. The purpose will determine what supporting details and examples are used and which transitional language is most appropriate. What questions do you think are answered by each paragraph?

Canada Day Descriptive Paragraph

     While the Americans prepare for their national celebration on July Fourth, Canadians celebrate their own holiday three days earlier. People gather at Canada Place and the public beaches for our countryís birthday festivities. Many people paint their faces in red and white or dress up in patriotic costumes. Red maple leaves can also be seen on the hats of partygoers, on helium balloons and as tattoos on any patch of exposed skin. The hot afternoon air is filled with the sounds of drums and bagpipes. Kids and adults alike are heard laughing and singing. You can feel your mouth water as the aromas of many different cultural treats surround you. Hotdogs, samosas, sushi and jerk chicken is consumed in incredible amounts. In the evening the party continues. The air cools slightly- only to be heated up again by brilliant fireworks. Light and thunder flower the sky as the people sit back oohing and awing at the pyrotechnic display.

Canada Day Opinion Paragraph

    Canada Day is a time to celebrate our unique nation and diverse population. It is not just a birthday recognizing 141 years of nationhood but also a time to take pride in our Canadian identity. What other country covers such a vast and varied landscape? Often, people will tell us that we are not much different than our American neighbours. While we may share a common language, border and similar link to Britain, our dissimilarities are notable. Canada is a model of how cultural diversity can exist without harming our common goals of peace, prosperity and friendship. We have two official languages, in recognition of the important contributions of the French and the English. Canada is a preferred destination of immigrants, and its history has been rather peaceful since confederation. We are not perfect, and we have many improvements to make, but Iím confident that in the next 141 years we will be the envy of the world. Being Canadian is about understanding, listening to and befriending those we live with.

Canada Day Narrative Paragraph

     Last July first was a memorable Canada Day for me. We got up early, packed our supplies and boarded the Skytrain. The train was filled more than usual with people of all nationalities wearing red and white costumes. Some had painted their faces as if they were going to a Canucks game. Unlike most commutes, most riders were smiling and atypically friendly. We got off at Waterfront Station and took the escalator to Canada Place. After spending several hours sampling the foods and listening to the music, we decided to get some lunch. We bought some fried chicken and walked across town and down to the beach.


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