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  Weekly Feature (October 13, 2008)


Elections and Voting
Cheryl's Weekly Feature


Most people are quick to know their rights and expect their rights to be honored, but some people forget about their responsibilities to society. In a democratic system, voting is a responsibility. It is also a responsibility which some people do not take seriously. Voting wisely requires knowledge and evaluation, which requires time and energy. I am sure most people know that October 14, 2008 is a federal election and hopefully they are prepared to vote.

However, many people are not aware there is a municipal election in B.C. next month on November 15, 2008. Voter turnout for municipal elections is not very high because many people believe municipal government does not affect us as much as provincial and federal governments. Perhaps municipal governments donít have the large budgets of these other governments or the control of:  foreign affairs, national defence, money and banking and criminal law, (federal government) education and healthcare. (provincial government)  Municipal governments do control:  and use planning, emergency services, (police, paramedics) water, sewer, recycling, libraries, parks and recreation and more. Voting for your mayor and councilors is important and requires some homework.

Check out your local government by: looking at their websites, reading the local papers and mailed out pamphlets which will identify the candidates,  and maybe attending a town hall meeting. Vote on November 15, 2008 because your city government touches your life every day!

Find out everything you need to know about BC municipal elections

Find out about your municipal government at:

New Westminster





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