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  Weekly Feature: (December 28, 2008)


Grade 10 Writers
Trudi's Weekly Feature


Christmas is over, and the New Year is just around the corner. The winter holidays came with a roar, and it is a great time to slow down and reflect over the past. It was a great year of writing in the Grade 10 English class. We would like to share some of the writing with everyone. While there were many great pieces of writing, I selected a few in two subject areas, family and dreams.  As you read the students’ writings, we hope that you enjoy what they have to share.



My Family

My family gives me a feeling of pride and peaceful feelings. They give me a peaceful feeling of gratification and a sense of achievement. Family gatherings give me a serene feeling and deep pleasure. The appetizing smell coming from the kitchen at family gatherings is mouth watering. My immediate family is made up of my wife Donna, daughter Laurie, and sons Bruce and Rob.

My wife Donna has given me the greatest feeling of serenity. Her hair is a satiny blonde colour. Her eyes a deep soft blue colour and can show firmness when getting a point across. She loves cooking and great savoury smells come from the kitchen. She is a very spiritual person. She is the apple of my eye. Over the years with her, I have had peaceful feelings, moments of joy, and a feeling of fulfilment. Donna, as my wife, gives me a feeling of great pride.

Laurie is the first adult child. She has the same disposition as her mother. As a result she is very spiritual. Her mother likes cooking, but Laurie doesn’t like cooking. She is a teacher of handicapped people which is a great accomplishment. She has prided herself on her professional career. Her mother is in the healthcare profession, and Laurie is in the educational field with handicapped people. Laurie gives me a great sense of pride and a sense of accomplishment.

My sons Bruce and Rob give me a sense of gratification for their achievements. Bruce is the oldest son and is very independent. Bruce is very patriotic and will not take from his country. Rob is the youngest son and is in an executive in his company. The two sons keep the family name with honour and dignity. They have given me a feeling of pride. I am proud of their accomplishments.

Over the years my immediate family my wife Donna, daughter Laurie, and sons Bruce and Rob have given me many moments of pride. They have given me many moments of peaceful feelings. They have given me many moments of honour and a belief in my self-worth. They have given me a sense of achievement. They give me a sense of pride, each in their own way.




Mom’s Love

I could not remember in my whole life anybody like my mom. Even though she had a hard life, she did not forget her responsibility. My father let us alone for a long time and during that time my mom coped with lots of problems. She supported us physically and consciously, yet she did not seem edgy. She is kind-hearted and faithful. Even when she was sick, she woke up early to make breakfast. My mom often had trouble with headaches although she did chores tolerantly. I saw her frazzled eyes, but I did not hear anything from my mom. She had two roles at the same time. As a mother she did the cooking, shopping, and taking care of her children. Also she helped us when we did homework. She strove for our education. In addition, she was a best friend and had good advice for us. I think she is the top mother in the world. Because of my sunny mom, we can tolerate that long dark cold winter time. I have never forgotten my mom’s hard work.



Responsible Mom

I am a busy mother. I have two sons. I have many responsibilities. I wake up early in the morning. I am not a stuffed-shirt with my children. I am a kind-hearted mom. Sometimes my children want breakfast ready before they take a shower. I am amenable with that. When they come from school in the afternoon for lunch, I have lunch ready for them. We are living in the local area. My responsibility is to make them feel happy. Everything is ready for them. They are never cranky. They are sheepish every day. My children are accomplished in school, and I am proud of them. In Vancouver there are many rainy days. My responsibility is to drop them off in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon. If I am busy, I am to give them money to buy lunch at school. My children don’t like outside food. I love my children. I am a responsible mom. I will never tire myself when I will do work for my children.



My Mother

My mother is a responsible person. She is a kind-hearted and great mother, but she is strictly demanding for me. She wanted me to become a useful person in the future. I learned to be a brave and honest girl from my mother. I had a vivacious childhood. For example, in my memories, one day I banged up my sister’s toy. Then my sister criticized me. I ran to my mother weeping. She looked very gloomy. She said to me, “Why were you crying?” I talked to her, “my sister hit me”. I glanced at her with an angry expression. ”You really exasperate me, don’t lie”, she said loudly, “be an honest child”. I felt very scared. “That was my mistake,” I muttered. “You can apologize to your sister,” she said. I accomplished my apology. I felt very relaxed and joyful. “You are a good girl,” my mother talked to me with a smile. She softly touched my head to talk to me, “my child you made a mistake. You need rectification of your mistake to be an honest child.” I heard my mother’s words. I understood this truth. I am thankful for my mother very much. She taught me how to be an honest person. She looked very frazzled because she was very busy. She took care of her three daughters. I love my mother. She went to work, so she is a responsible mother.



An Afternoon in the Park

It was a rare sunshiny day after two gloomy weeks. I strolled with my son to Queen’s Park. As we reached the playground, he was excited like a vivacious dog. The playground equipment had just been enamelled with the rainbow’s seven colors. My son scampered from one toy to another; he wanted to try all of the toys in a moment. As he glimpsed a fluffy tailed squirrel, he right away chased it and began to play peek-a-boo with the squirrel. I treated it to a slice of an apple. The squirrel gazed at us for a while, then swished to the apple and bit it with its peeking eyes still on us. A downy-feathered black crow was picking the food leftover on the picnic table near our site. Some bees stung at the gilded and sticky honey on the table. When my son finally was weary, we sat on the falling leaves under a pine tree with sunlight dappling our bodies. He relaxed on my lap, purring with a chocolate cookie in his mouth and listening to his favourite story “A Tamed Lion”. With the rhythm o the story, he went to sleep with the grinning smile like a docile dog. I covered him with his luminous yellow jacket. Now I breathed out a relieved sigh and looked up at the blue sky. Through the gaps of the pine trees, I saw a few opalescent clouds moving slowing in the blue sky. It was a beautiful day.





I have a Dream – An Environment Fighter

Global warming has put the globe in a serious dilemma. People are suffering catastrophes and calamities due to our accumulated selfish, foolish, and greedy misbehaviours. As a resident of the global village, I would like to become a volunteer for the environment for the rest of my life. I can train people to save energy, to preserve Nature, and to train them become volunteers as well.

Since energy is limited, I will train people how to save water, electricity, and gas from our daily lives. Everyone saves small amount of energy can lead to huge quantity just like rivers emerge to the sea.

It is only if we save energy better that we have a chance to preserve Nature better. Economic construction strongly counteracts Nature’s preservation. Recently, our environmental team has successfully halted the Vancouver Park Board to erect an observatory deck in Queen Elizabeth Park. This is a stereotyped way to instruct people.

I will teach people to become environment fighters. To evolve caterpillars to butterflies, I’ll educate them to develop abstract environmental ideas to practical actions and become competent warriors.

Actions speak louder than words. I would not only devote myself to the environment but also advocate people by guiding them to save energy, to preserve Nature, and to train people to become environment volunteers. By operating my ideas strenuously, I hope we can have a healthy and wholesome Earth as soon as possible.



My Dream

My dream is to become a teacher. I have cherished this dream since I was a young girl. Because a teacher is a symbol of knowledge, everybody adores teacher’s noble character. Confucius is respected by most Chinese as the greatest teacher of all time. A teacher always communicates human mind, spirit, and wisdom selflessly to students. A teacher is sacred, and responsible for society. A teacher seems like a ladder leading students to success. A teacher creates enormous wealth for human development. Becoming a teacher is my dream. Maybe someday my dream will come true.



A Dream of Mine

Yesterday night I had an amazing dream. In the dream I changed myself miraculously into a bird and then joined a flock of birds. We lived in nests built on trees or rocks instead of in huge concrete buildings and enjoyed unrestrained flying instead of moving in steel boxes called “cars” or “buses”. We fed ourselves with seed of plants or worms – instead of bodies of animals. We treasured rivers, seas, air and earth extremely and would never pollute them. Occasionally we fought with each other, but we would do that for the reason of vying for love rather than for tenet, treasures, gas or territories. Furthermore, the only weapons we used in fighting were beaks and claws, so we would not make serious injury to each other, not to mention destroying opponents with guns, missiles, and even chemical or nuclear weapons. Anyway, when I woke up in the morning, I didn’t regret that I couldn’t become a real bird as in the dream, but I did expect that we people could evolve to be as sensible and intelligent as we think we are. I wish my expectation will turn to be real and not a dream.



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