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  Weekly Feature (March 16, 2008)

My Helpful Friend
by Renuka



“What is an animal that starts with N?” my nephew asks while playing an alphabet game with his mom. After a short visit with my dear friend, I confidently reply, “Narwhal!”

What should I wear to work tomorrow? I look out the window. The grey cotton balls in the sky not only glare at me angrily, but they also approach menacingly. Will they float away harmlessly as the night goes on? Or will they give my car a much-needed morning bath? I check with my friend. I have an answer. I better take out my warmest sweater and make sure to pack my umbrella!

It’s time to write my Weekly Feature. It’s due on Saturday. I still have lots of time, right? Or do I? I mentally go through all that I need to do before Saturday. Uh oh! I should have completed it yesterday! I wonder why I always procrastinate. Why do so many people procrastinate? How can I stop procrastinating? What is procrastination anyways? I ironically spend a good chunk of my evening with my friend who helps me learn all about procrastination.

You may be wondering, who is this oh-so-knowledgeable friend of mine? It’s Google! I am a compulsive Googler. Whether I want to learn a new Sudoku strategy, find the lyrics to a song, look at a map of Yuma, Arizona, or check what time my local Michael’s store closes, I turn to Google. This powerful search engine helps me locate websites where I can find the information I am looking for.

Google also has other applications in addition to its popular search engine. I frequently use Google Maps to find my way to a new place and Google Calendar to keep track of important dates. Google Image Search is a great way to find photographs and other images. I rarely go a day without checking my Google Mail, also called Gmail. Although these and other applications are both enjoyable and practical for me to use, the Google search engine is, by far, my favourite.


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