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  Weekly Feature (January 13, 2008)

January: Hot Tea Month
by Cheryl


Since I have been addicted to coffee for many many years, I never knew that January is hot tea month. I love coffee and never miss drinking my morning coffee. However, I also enjoy tea, especially Earl Grey and chai.

Tea use to be my evening drink, but now I find I reach for coffee after dinner.  Green tea is supposed to have many health benefits, and I enjoy drinking it with a meal. During the Christmas holidays, I enjoyed several new teas and made a conscious effort to drink more tea. Now, I have rekindled my love of tea and have restocked my tea cupboard. Drinking more tea is one of my New Year’s resolutions.

The Chinese have a special love of tea and some tea history can be found at Tea's Wonderful History.

In addition, the Japanese are famous for their tea ceremony which you can learn about at this site. The Japanese Tea Ceremony

Some of my favourite teas are made by the Stash Tea Company , and one of my students introduced me to Revolution Teas.

Enjoy 2008 and try some new teas.

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