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  Weekly Feature (June 8, 2008)


Keeping Up With the News
Paul's Weekly Feature


Staying updated and informed with the latest news is enjoyable, necessary, and helpful for me.  Having a busy daily schedule throughout most weeks, I resort to different media in order to discover the latest in technology, politics, business, education, science, health, and entertainment.  Throughout each day, I do my best to stay in touch with the latest current events and breaking news at all levels —local, provincial, national, and global.  My focus, of course, is on news items relating to, and impacting our local Metro Vancouver communities, our province of British Columbia, and our country, Canada.

News is generally defined as information or reports on recent events, while news media are the different means to communicate the news.  The typical news media available to most of us include newspapers, television, radio, magazines, and the Internet.  My daily selection of news media depends on the activities and schedule that I follow on that particular day.  For the most part, the radio, Internet, and newspapers, work best for me to receive the news.

The radio is my prime source of news while driving.  For the latest news and information, I switch between my two favorite radio stations, CBC and CKWX .  On the Internet, my favorite site for news updates is Google News.  At this site I can scan through breaking news headlines, read in detail news articles of interest, search for news on a particular place or topic, and even view only a subset of news articles such as on Vancouver, on Canada, on Science and Technology, on Health, or on Business.  Two other great Internet news sites I sometimes visit are CTV, and CNN.

Newspapers are of course a major source of news and current events.  Nowadays, many newspapers are available either online, or in print.  I prefer to read through the printed editions.  Living in the Metro Vancouver area, whenever I get a chance I read through some of the readily available community and daily newspapers.  The community newspapers offer a community and local focus, are usually free, and are available at public libraries and at many bus and transit stops.  Some of the community newspapers I sometimes browse through include The Richmond Review, The Vancouver Courier, Surrey Leader, and The Record

The daily newspapers, on the other hand, differ from the community newspapers in some ways.  The daily newspapers have a wider scope, with a greater focus on news and events far beyond just the local communities.  As well, the daily newspapers may present and examine the news with possibly a different level of the English language and vocabulary, than that of the community newspapers.  With time and schedule permitting, the daily newspapers that I occasionally read include The Vancouver Sun, The Province, and The Globe And Mail.

In today’s ever-changing and busy world, it is vital to stay informed with the latest news and information.  Keeping up with news and current events helps us make informed and optimal decisions about our jobs, family, friends, education, finances, and all other areas of our lives.  So, to help achieve the success of your goals, be sure to stay updated and informed, relying on as many sources of news media that can accommodate you, and your lifestyle.  Happy News!   

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