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  Weekly Feature (September 28, 2008)


Lives Touched by Cancer
Patricia's Weekly Feature


Sadly, many lives have been touched by cancer, but fortunately there are ways to prevent and fight it. Reducing stress and sun exposure is one way. Exercising and eating a healthy diet is another. Consuming five to ten servings of fruits and vegetables is recommended. To help fight cancer and support research you can join a local event: The Terry Fox Run, The CIBC Run for the Cure, or The Relay for Life. By participating, you will contribute to a worthy cause. You can walk or run with family and friends and enjoy the healthy snacks after. You'll be inspired by the stories of cancer survivors. To learn more about cancer and these events click on the websites below and read the paragraphs written by the English 7 teacher and students.

Canadian Cancer Society

 Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

 The Terry Fox Foundation

 CIBC Run for the Cure


Student Paragraphs:

My Friend’s Cancer

When my friend was 55 years old she knew she had cancer. She had therapy twice a month for two years. In 2006, she died. After her death, I think that my health is very important. Now, I go to a doctor for a check-up once a year. —Ina



Last year in October my father-in-law got lung cancer. Before that, his health was very good. After five months of chemotherapy, he passed away. During this period, we spent a lot of money on his disease. But I also know some women who got a mastectomy who are still alive, so I hope people will donate to the Canadian Cancer Society for research. —Hillary


The Terry Fox Run

I would like to do the Terry Fox Run next year. I think, it’s a meaningful activity. Terry was a hero. He got cancer and lost his right leg. He ran 3339 miles to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society, so many people joined the Terry Fox Run to show their support. They donated their money for cancer research. If I have time, I’m going to do the Terry Fox Run next year. —Hillary


Terry Fox a Hero

Terry Fox is a hero. He had cancer, so the doctor cut off his leg. In the hospital, he met many people like himself who were suffering with pain. He decided to run across Canada and raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society. He decided to devote his life to fighting cancer. First, he trained with his artificial leg. It was not easy, but he was brave to try. He raised a lot of money for cancer research, so he is our Canadian hero. —Shoa-hong


Terry Fox was a Hero

I think Terry Fox was a hero. He got cancer. To save his life, the doctor cut off his leg above the knee. He didn’t give up smiling, and he was brave to face death. One day, he made a big decision to run across Canada for people with cancer. So he trained until he could run 42 kilometers a day on an artificial leg. He started his plan, and more and more people heard about his journey. Many people paid their donation to the Canadian Cancer Society. Then both his lungs filled with cancer, so he didn’t finish his “Marathon of Hope”, and he died. Today people still run every year for people with cancer because everybody considers Terry Fox a hero. —Johnson


Teacher's Paragraph

The Terry Fox Run

I really enjoyed running in the Terry Fox Run in Queen’s Park again this year. I arrived at 9:45 a.m. and registered for the run. I just had to fill out my name, phone number and address and pay my donation. I was pleased to learn that if you pay more than $20.00, you will get a tax receipt. At 10:00 there were some short speeches including some from the mayor of New Westminster and two cancer survivors. The survivors said that the money raised through the Terry Fox Run was very important for research. I felt glad to be contributing. We had a fun warmup. Then the run started. Many people had small children and dogs, so they walked. I started out walking, but then I decided to run. I ran two times around the park which was 5 km. Some more energetic people went four times around or 10 km. Some of the route was downhill which was easy, but other sections were up hill which were difficult. It was hot and sunny, so it was good that there were water stations along the course. When I finished, there was a lot of fresh fruit to choose from: watermelons, oranges, and bananas. There were also some muffins and delicious carrot cake. I sampled a few goodies. I also received a certificate for participating in the run. I am glad I ran in this worthwhile and well organized event again this year.

Write a sentence to answer these questions.

1. What is the topic sentence in this paragraph? __________________________________________________________________________

2. How many detail sentences are there? ______________________________________________________________________________

3. What is the closing sentence? ______________________________________________________________________________

4. What is the title? ______________________________________________________________________________

5. What is the opposite (antonym) for easy? ______________________________________________________________________________

6. What is the synonym for glad? ______________________________________________________________________________

7. What verb tense is this paragraph written in: present, past, future? _____________________________________________________________


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