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  Weekly Feature (February 16, 2008)

Prepositions: Time, Location and Wearing Prepositions
by Louise


Prepositions cause lots of problems for writers. In my November 17 and August 18 features, Affiliation and Description Prepositions and Weather and Source of Information Prepositions, I introduced some prepositions and some quizzes to help you practice. In this feature we will focus on time, location and wearing prepositions.

The best way to practice these particular prepositions is to do the quizzes. Try them several times until you have their uses memorized.

Time Preposition Quiz

Location Preposition Quiz

Wearing Preposition Quiz

Once you have done these quizzes, go back to the August 18 and November 17 quizzes to make sure you remember how to use those prepositions. Write down the ones that you have trouble remembering and check your list when you are proofreading your writing. Soon these prepositions will become second nature to you and they will stop causing you problems. Good luck!


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