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Water Conservation
Tazim's Weekly Feature


Here are some very useful websites and tips on conserving water. The information provides answers to the most commonly asked question about why we need to practice water conservation . The following is an extract from Environment Canada website.

Why water?

This guide is about water conservation, and what we can do to reduce the use of one of our most precious, yet undervalued, resources water!

Why is water conservation so important? Because a safe and secure supply of water is no longer the "sure thing" it may have been just a few years ago. While demand for water is on the rise, pollution, declining water tables, and prolonged drought conditions are shrinking the usable supply.

We need to reassess our attitudes about water, and water conservation. We use water everyday at home and at work in so many situations that we take it pretty much for granted.

Water passes through our households, cooking our food, bathing us, washing our clothes, watering our lawns and carrying away the various by-products of our day-to-day lives. We return it to the environment, often to the same body of water it came from, usually in a much poorer state.

When we understand how water cycles through the environment, we begin to appreciate the significant role we can play in improving the quality and protecting the quantity of our water resource, by practising some basic rules of conservation.

Water Conservation Tips

Residential Conservation Initiatives



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