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  Weekly Feature (April 27, 2008)


Wonderful Reading for Students
by Helen


If you haven’t been in the lab recently or you have been focused intently on your work you may not have noticed, but we have more than doubled the number of books we have for students to borrow.

We now have an even more amazing variety of reading material, including stories about Mother Teresa, Brad Pitt and Wayne Gretzky. We have romantic classics like Pride and Prejudice or adventure stories such as The Swiss Family Robinson. Many have been modified so as to suit all reading levels.

My students will know that I strongly recommend reading to help with writing, spelling, speaking, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, idioms . . . (Do you get the picture?) Reading can help with every aspect of the language and one can never read enough.

Reading for the simple pleasure of it is, of course, an excellent reason to borrow one of these books; however, there are a couple of simple practices one can perform to benefit even more from our library.

I recommend that when you borrow the books you spend some time reading aloud. This practice not only exercises the “English muscles” that so many of our students don’t exercise enough, but it also tunes your ear to the sound of correct English. In this way, the next time you read some of your own work aloud to proofread it you may recognize errors simply by the sound.

Some of the books come with either CDs or cassettes. Listening to the books will also tune your ear and you can follow along for pronunciation practice. The wonderful thing about these electronic tools is that you can always rewind and replay them (unlike your English teacher) should you miss something important.

Please take advantage of this amazing resource. The books are available to all students for a week at a time. We are even better than the local library: the books are more convenient and our overdue fines are much more reasonable!



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