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Accounting Courses at PALC
by Helen

Let me ask you a few questions. Have you finished English 10? Are you working towards your Adult Dogwood? Do you still need a Math 11 credit? Are you thinking of a career in business or do you have an idea to start a business of your own? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you may be interested in the accounting courses offered at Pearson Adult Learning Centre.

Accounting 11

We offer Accounting 11 in a classroom setting every September, but it is offered throughout the year as a self paced course. For students working towards their Adult Dogwood, it may be applied towards their Math 11 credit; however, should you be wishing to continue studying at a university or college, it is recommended that you check with them for entry requirements.

Accounting 11 introduces the students to the theory of accounting. It explains accounting principles, describes the role of accounting in business, and covers the accounting cycle. The focus is on accounting for a service business using manual (hand-written) procedures. As well as the “how” of accounting tasks, the course covers the “why” of accounting, as well as the critical analysis of financial transactions and statements. No previous accounting knowledge or experience is needed.

Once students understand the basics of accounting, they can apply their knowledge using a computerized accounting system introduced in Accounting 12.

Accounting 12

Like Accounting 11, Accounting 12 is offered as a self-paced course. We also offer it as a classroom course in February. A student must have completed Accounting 11 before beginning Accounting 12, and it can be applied towards the Adult Dogwood as one of the grade 12 courses.

In Accounting 12 students will begin by learning several new accounting procedures not covered in Accounting 11. Following that they will learn to perform accounting procedures using the computer. They will do this by learning to use the well-known accounting software called Simply Accounting for Windows. Through a series of exercises and quizzes students will become familiar with the program and then they will be asked to complete four projects, each increasing in the level of difficulty. Upon completion they will be able to set up the books of a small retail business from scratch.

Future After Accounting 12

There are rewarding career possibilities in accounting. Should students enjoy the challenge of the courses offered at Pearson, they can continue at any one of local post secondary institutions. Check out the links below for the business courses offered.

Vancouver Community College Business Program

Douglas College Business Certificate

BCIT – Business Programs

Simon Fraser University – Faculty of Business

University of British Columbia – Sauder School of Business


(July 25, 2009)


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