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Cancer: A Personal Story 
by Rick

It is uncertain what her circumstances will be by the time this is published, but I am certain it will be the cancer that will ultimately lead to her death. When that day arrives, hopefully a long time from today, it will undoubtedly be the saddest day of my life. She has always been there for my family and me. I am lucky to have had so much time with her in my life, and she will be deeply missed when she is gone.

The doctors and nurses that are treating my mom are incredibly good at what they do. They are patient with my family as we deal with this reality. They are talented in their work, and they are compassionate and friendly to my mother. I am thankful for the complex and expensive equipment and the medications they have to help my mother fight her cancer. I am very happy that my tax dollars are well spent in this particular way.

Unfortunately, there are not enough rooms to house all the patients, so some people have to lay on beds in the hallway of the ward. These people must wear sunglasses to sleep under the constant glow and of fluorescent lights. They must endure listening to the conversations constantly happening around them, and they must endure being poked, prodded and pushed around for their life-saving treatments.

On Sunday, September 13 is the Terry Fox Run. The run raises money to support cancer research. Millions of dollars have been raised since Terry's "Marathon of Hope" in 1980. While there is no cure for many cancers, this research has led to many effective treatments, earlier detection, and improved understanding of the disease in its many forms.

Terry's hope is that one day there will be a cure for cancer. My hope for the near future is that people become aware of the risk factors that often lead to cancer and to do what they can to support cancer research and treatment in their communities.


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