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Canadian Citizenship Test Information
by Cheryl

Students who have taken my Civic Studies 11 class or Social Studies 9 often find these courses help prepare them for their Canadian Citizenship Test. Other students not in my social studies classes frequently ask me for resources to help them study for their citizenship test. Here are a few resources to help students prepare for the Canadian Citizenship Test.

Canadian Information

This resource includes a downloadable booklet called A Look at Canada as well as study questions and general information about the test.

The Richmond Library supports a practice test

Another practice test site

Also, if you are interested in taking Civic Studies 11 it will be offered this fall on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. This course is a study of government, political decision-making, and what it means to be an informed Canadian citizen. A responsible informed citizen can then participate in local, national, and global contexts. The goal of this course is to create informed, active, and global citizens.

 In addition, I will be teaching Law 12 in February. This course focuses on Canadian law. Law 12 fosters skills and attitudes that enhance students’ abilities to address legal, social, and ethical issues, and reflect critically on the role of law in society. The study of law also promotes the skills and abilities needed to clearly express ideas, argue effectively and logically, and accurately interpret the written word.

I look forward to seeing all our Pearson Adult Learning Centre students in September.


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