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Making Our Computer Lab Work for You 
by Paul

The Computer Lab at our Learning Centre plays a very important role in providing learning support and services to all our students. The more informed students are about the Computer Lab, the more they will benefit from using its resources. Also sometimes referred to as the Resource Room, or Computer Room, or more often simply as just the Lab, the Computer Lab is used daily by many students. The following is a description of only some of the resources and help available in our Lab:

Help from Teachers

Teachers are always available in the Lab to assist students. Don’t hesitate to ask any teacher in the Lab for any help related to your coursework at our Learning Centre. You may have questions about your course assignments, about choosing courses to complete your Secondary Graduation, about meeting pre-requisites for a career program, about your score on a test, or about how to use our computers or their applications. You’ll receive individual help from a teacher.

A Place to Study and Do Coursework

The Lab is a great quiet place to study, get help from teachers, review, practice, and complete course assignments. As a registered student in our Learning Centre, you can work in the Lab at any time whenever you’re not in class.

Available Computers

Students can use the available computers toward “course-related” tasks such as searching online, typing a paragraph or an essay, printing assignments, connecting to course blogs, creating a PowerPoint presentation, and using the available computer software and applications. Students may also check online for information on jobs and careers, on post-secondary studies, or use a computer to just improve one’s computer and Internet skills.

Computer Software and Video Tapes

We have computer programs and software in the Lab for students’ use. These include computer applications in English grammar, spelling, reading, and listening. We also have software and applications in Biology, Chemistry, Accounting, Social Studies, Word-processing, Spreadsheets, and Database, to name just a few. In addition, there’s a collection of video tapes for viewing on various topics from our courses.

Reading Resources

You’ll find in the Lab a variety of books for different reading levels. Some books come with a CD or tape. A teacher will help you choose a book that’s suitable for your level. You can read the book in the Lab, or sign it out for a week or two.

Answer Keys

Some of our courses, such as English, Communications, Math, and Accounting, have assigned work in workbooks. The Lab is where you’ll find answer keys to such workbooks. Be sure to do the work first before checking your answers.

Course Tests and Assignments

If you’re taking one of our self-paced courses, then you’ll write in the Lab the corresponding course quizzes and tests. Should you miss a test of an in-class course, then that course’s instructor may schedule for you to write the test in the Lab. Remember that you can always work in the Lab on any of your course assignments, whether the course is self-paced or in-class.

Require Class-Schedule Change

As students’ availability changes, students sometimes need a different schedule of classes. We offer classes in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Should you need a class-schedule change, then check with a teacher in the Lab. We’ll gladly provide you with a different schedule as long as there’s room available.


If you’re a student returning to our Learning Centre, then you’ll need to re-register in order to continue your studies. If you can’t make it to one of our scheduled re-registration sessions, then come in to the Lab at any time to re-register. We’ll help you get started with your coursework.

Whether you’re a returning or a new student at our Learning Centre, be sure to visit the Computer Lab frequently. The learning support, services, and resources which you’ll find in the Lab will certainly help you achieve your learning and knowledge goals. Be sure to ask any of our teachers if you have questions about our courses, about our Learning Centre, or about our Lab. See you at our Learning Centre!

 (September 1, 2009)

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