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Finding Perspective
by L

When things are tough and stressful and you are wondering how you are going to survive, it’s time to stand back and look for a better perspective. I was recently placed in such a position. I did some reflection and decided to write my way out. The poem I wrote helped me to see things more clearly and regain my focus. I hope it can help you too.


"Things Will Pass" is a concrete poem in which the shape and form of the poem help to strengthen the message of the writer.

The outer whorl is like a mantra you chant to yourself – “Things will pass, and you will be stronger for it.” Prescription: Repeat until you feel better!

Inside the whorl, is the “Ying-Yang” ball. This alludes to the Taoist principles that nothing is absolute and of our need to find balance and perspective. In the dark half, the letters are in white. This symbolizes the hope in the midst of darkness and despair. The right and correct side is brighter and contains the solution.

In the middle is a message written in a disorientating swirl that requires the reader to physically shift perspectives. This emphasizes the need to work to find a better perspective.

Remember: “Everything is relative, subjective” and “things will pass.”


Things Will Pass

Things will pass
and you will be stronger for it.

In every pool of darkness
there must be some light.
For without it,
there is no darkness.

Find the light
and the darkness diminishes.
Find your perspective—
and let the light out.

Things will pass
and you will be stronger for it.

Everything is relative, subjective.


(May 10, 2009)


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