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Feed the Food Bank! (2009)
by Tazim

Food Drive for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society

   Did you know that every week 9 000 people are supplied with food from the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society?

   Did you know that 41% of these people who need food are children?

  What can you do to help?

Pearson Adult Learning Centre will be having a food drive for the whole month of November. As we near the holiday season, it is important to help people in our own community who are in need of basic food items.

A food drive raises food to donate to the food bank. This year (2009) we hope to gather at least five boxes of food. The Greater Vancouver Food Bank is an organization that helps to feed the hungry and needy people in our communities. It serves the people of Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster and the North Shore. The goal of the Food Bank is to provide food and related assistance to those in need.

Please check out the Food Bank website to learn more about the ways in which you can help to fight hunger in your local community. Please help by bringing food items to donate to the food bank.

There will be a donation box available in our four classrooms and in the lab for the month of November.


Most Needed Items:

-Canned meats, stews and soups
-Canned fish and meats
-Pasta, pasta sauce and rice
-Canned beans, fruits and vegetables
-Baby formula and pabulum


We have five boxes to fill with non-perishable (food that does not go bad) items. Let's try to fill all six boxes! Bring any amount of canned and packaged food to help the recipients of the food bank. Thank you in advance for your support for this worthwhile cause.


(October 22, 2009)


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