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  Weekly Feature (June 28, 2009)


Brad's Weekly Feature
Michael Jackson (RIP)


Michael Jackson dead? A surprise, but not really, not after all I've heard and read about the man. In the library where my wife was picking up a book, people were saying, "Have you heard?" At Facebook, friends responded within minutes, lamenting his loss.

At a dance party my son attended this weekend, the DJ played Jackson and "You couldn't help but dance," he said to me and emphasized that a good friend who "never danced" was dancing that night to Jackson, too.

In the past decade or so I had (mostly) been disgusted by what I heard about Michael Jackson. The trial in 2005, the publicity, all negative. And the man himself looked more and more cadaverous by the day, it seemed.

I had forgotten his fluid, graceful, dance steps. I had forgotten how nearly everyone I knew had had his album, Thriller. I had forgotten the moonwalk and just how amazing it was to see it for the first time.

I remember seeing Michael Jackson for the first time on the Ed Sullivan show and him singing with his brothers. He was an incredible talent, I thought, even then. And he became more so in the decades to follow. But fame (and fortune) change people and not always for the better. So, Michael Jackson is gone. We may never see his like again.

If you would like to read more about Michael Jackson, here are links to two of the best articles I have seen about him in the past few days.

Like Orpheus, Michael Jackson was destroyed by his fans
(by Germaine Greer at The Guardian)

Michael Jackson's Celebrity Suicide (at

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