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  Weekly Feature (November 29, 2009)


Our Students and their Studies
Paul's Weekly Feature


The diversity of our students is quite remarkable and fascinating.  In addition to our Canadian students, many of our other students have come to live in Canada from nearly all parts of the world including from Asia, Europe, North America, Central and South America, the Middle East, and Africa.  Our students vary in their culture and background, and they come from all-walks-of-life.

Our students possess different learning styles and study skills, and each brings his or her own life experiences.  Regarding school and academic background, the spectrum of our students varies a great deal.  Some have had very little schooling, while others completed university studies in Canada or abroad.  Our student population is composed of those whose first language is English (first language speakers), and those who are in the process of learning English (second language speakers).

Students study and take the many different courses at our Learning Centre for a wide variety of reasons.  Our adult learners are seeking to either increase their job prospects, or to meet entry requirement into a college, university, or technical institute, or to just gain personal satisfaction by further learning and completing coursework.  We offer academic courses from upgrading levels, to grade 11 and 12 courses leading to secondary school graduation.  Depending on the lifestyle and daily schedule of students, they can choose to take courses in-class or self-paced. 

The following six categories indicate the more specific education and course paths that many of our students are following:

Improving English skills and upgrading basic education and knowledge – students attend our upgrading English classes and take related coursework to build basic foundations in English, Math, Social Studies, and Science.  This is often only a short term goal, as these students will usually continue toward intermediate and then upper English and other higher level courses.

Pursuing the Adult Graduation Diploma – students are working through our grade 11 and 12 courses in order to get the Adult Graduation Diploma (the Adult Dogwood).  To complete the Adult Dogwood, The Province of British Columbia Government Ministry of Education requires adults to complete five grade 11 and 12 courses.  We have courses in several academic subject areas including English, Communications, Computer Studies, Mathematics, Accounting, Sciences, Social Studies, and Humanities.

Pursuing the British Columbia Certificate of Graduation - some of our students did not complete their British Columbia Certificate of Graduation (the Dogwood) while in Secondary School.  Such students typically need to complete just one, or two, or just a few grade 11 or 12 courses to be granted the Dogwood.  These students choose the appropriate courses from our pool of available coursework.

Preparing for a post secondary program - we have students who may or may not have completed a high school diploma, but are working to complete one or perhaps two courses in order to be admitted into a trade, vocation, career, or post secondary program.  For example, completing Physics 11 may be required to enter the Electrician’s program while English 12, Biology 12, and Math 11 may be necessary to enter a Registered Nursing program.

While attending post secondary studies - as some students progress through post secondary studies, they occasionally discover that they’re either short of a prerequisite secondary level course, or they simply wish to take a course to strengthen their academic skills before continuing with their post secondary program.  For example, a student taking an Accounting Program at a college may register with us to complete Accounting 11 or 12 in order to strengthen his or her accounting and knowledge skills before returning to the college to continue with the program.

Better job prospects, career advancement, or personal satisfaction – a few of our students attend our Learning Centre to take courses not necessarily with the specific goal of secondary graduation or pursuing post secondary studies.  These students are taking courses to either help them qualify for better or more suitable careers, or they just wish to study further for personal gain and satisfaction.  For example, a qualifying student who enjoys writing and wants to take only one course can certainly register into our Writing 12 course.

If you’re nineteen years of age or older, or even if you’re just approaching your nineteenth birthday, then be sure to attend one of our registration sessions.  Join our student population and its interesting diversity.  Our teachers will help you choose the courses to match your interests and your education and career plans.  

See you at our Learning Centre! Try a matching quiz to see if you have remembered the information well.

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