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Power Smart - Leaf bulb image [for use in centre column]Dina's Weekly Feature
October: Power Smart Month


BC Hydro’s Power Smart program aims to raise awareness of important electricity conservation programs. Team Power Smart is a province-wide initiative encouraging British Columbians to conserve electricity by taking small actions in their everyday behaviours that will make a huge difference in meeting the province’s future energy needs.

Some ways to conserve energy include using Energy Star rated appliances and lamps. Changing to CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps) will also help conserve energy. According to BC Hydro’s website, CFLs use 25% of the energy that incandescent bulbs use to deliver the same amount of light. Replacing your home’s incandescent lights with CFLs can reduce energy use by more than 200-kilowatt hours per year, approximately the amount of energy needed for 800 nights of television!

It is also important to remember that conserving energy is linked to our environment. “BC Hydro is accountable to British Columbians to take care of the environment, meet community needs and deliver excellent financial results. Our environmental bottom line looks at how we manage impacts from our operations, weigh environmental values with economic ones and plan for a future with more green energy in our system.”

To find out more about conserving energy, Team Power Smart, rebates and savings visit


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