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Brad's Weekly Feature
To Park or Not to Park


One day recently one of your teachers arrived at our school parking lot and found, yet again, a student's car parked in the space. Frustrated, the teacher parked across the space (which is allocated for that teacher) and went inside the ALC.

Once there, the teacher asked each classroom teacher to announce what had happened to the classes in session. Not one student volunteered that he or she was the guilty party.

However, after classes had ended, one of our attending students came back in to the school to complain that her car was blocked by the teacher's car. Needless to say that student will (we hope) choose to park in student parking from now on.

Where is student parking? Besides the spots directly adjacent to our classrooms, there are ample spaces along 8th Avenue. Yes, it is perhaps a further 10 seconds walk to the classes from the student parking, but put yourself in the teacher's position.

A teacher may be working a later shift and need (for security reasons) to be closer to the school building. Our evening teachers are both male and female. For the women, it is a safety problem if she has to park in a remote area of the school lot, especially since teachers usually leave after all students have already gone home.

In the past, student cars have been towed when parked in a teacher's space. This, of course, can lead to hard feelings and financial stress. Why not, instead, remember to always park in the student spaces (handily marked with yellow rather than white painted lines)?

Students at the ALC respect their teachers in the classroom, working hard and handing in assignments as required. I would like us all to extend that same respect to a busy teacher arriving at school with many books and materials to carry (and after fighting heavy traffic at times) and not take that teacher's parking space.

Each teacher is assigned a space—mine is 194—and, I have to say, a student has parked in my space at least three times so far since the beginning of September. Although I have never parked across my space to make a point to a student, I do hope I won't ever need to!

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