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Benefits of Teaching Adults
by Rick

One of the benefits of teaching adults is the opportunity to learn from my students. Many times I discover at the end of the evening that I probably learned more than I taught. This semester, I learned the following from the students and the articles we read:

-  Djibouti is a a city state

- In Saudi Arabia and Singapore  you cannot become a citizen unless your parents are citizens of these nations

- The words amusement and music come from the same root word “muse” mythical women who were inspirations to musicians, poets and artists

- The official language of Eritrea is Tigrinya.

- The word scimitar, which means sword, is a Persian word.

- Many Chinese seniors end up living with their son’s family.

- Unlike myself, many men manage to not have to do laundry regularly.

- The GDP of Pakistan ($449.3 billion) is similar to that of British Columbia, but their population is 40 times larger.

- Other languages and alphabets seem as complicated as English to me.

- Understanding English grammar takes a lot of practice, and even I can’t understand some of the rules.

- Immigrating to Canada can be expensive and frustrating.

- The Canadian singer K'naan is originally from Somalia.

I want to thank all the students who attended and did their homework in addition to working to support their families. Also, thanks for helping expand my own understandings and interests during the term.


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