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On Chihuahuas
by Paul

Our family pet is a dog named Peaches, a little Chihuahua. Chihuahuas are cute and loveable small dogs with interesting characteristics and an unconfirmed origin. Belonging to the smallest breed of dogs,Peaches there are two varieties of Chihuahuas: the ones with a smooth short-haired coat and those with a long-hair fury coat. Peaches has a smooth, shiny, short-hair black coat with a splash of tan and white colors.

The history of Chihuahuas is somewhat unclear. There are several theories with much overlap and some agreement. One theory states that they originated from China and later brought to the rest of the world by Spanish traders. A related theory considers Chihuahuas as having European origin. Another belief views them as originating from the ancient American Indian dogs. An extension of this view is that Chihuahuas originated entirely in Central and South America, predominately in Mexico’s largest state called Chihuahua.

With over 400 different dog breeds around the world, the Chihuahua is labeled a domestic toy dog and is among the smallest dogs in the world. With a domed-shaped head, the typical Chihuahua also displays large upright ears, small and delicate paws, and a short and slightly pointed snout. Our lively Peaches displays clearly these purebred Chihuahua characteristics as she stands at about 22 cm tall, weighing 2.5 kg.

Chihuahuas are known for their somewhat unique personality traits. They tend to be intelligent, alert, and eager to please – traits which have made Peaches easy to train. As well, Chihuahuas tend to be devoted to only one person – Peaches is very devoted to my daughter, sadly not to me. We also find that Peaches recognizes and prefers other Chihuahuas. This is a common characteristic of Chihuahuas – they are a little snobbish as they generally don’t like dogs of other breeds.

Despite the great joy and fun we’re having with Peaches, we try not to lose sight of potential health disorders which may develop as she ages. Chihuahuas tend to develop health problems related to eyesight, knees, breathing, muscles, and kidneys. She’s now three years old, and most Chihuahuas have a lifespan of about fourteen to eighteen years. So far, Peaches has been quite healthy. We make sure that she visits the veterinarian for her regular check-ups and scheduled vaccinations.

So, if you would like a dog for a personal or family pet, then be sure to consider the Chihuahua. This fun, playful, loyal and obedient small dog may just fit your needs and lifestyle!

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(August 15, 2010)

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