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Why Study Civics or Social Studies?
by Cheryl

This is a question I asked my students in my civics and social studies classes every term. There are many answers. I believe to live well in our community, province, country and world everyone needs to be the best citizen they can be. Citizen doesn’t just relate to which country I have a passport for. To be a good citizen a person must have knowledge about their community, province, country and world. Civics gives us knowledge about government, society, culture, and history. These in turn help us be more responsible and active citizens.

One provincial issue which has raised many voices and caused great civic participation is the HST. In response to the recall initiative signed by many eligible voters in BC, our Premier Gordon Campbell has decided to give us an opportunity to exercise direct democracy. This is in the form of a referendum. This means our provincial government will issue a question on whether or not the people of BC want to keep the HST. Every eligible voter in BC will get a chance to vote Yes or No to this question in September 2011.If 50 % vote No to the HST the government will end it. Now the government plans to explain to us the benefits to keeping the HST in hopes that we will vote to keep it.

Perhaps something this government has learned from the recall initiative is that they should have held open discussion and education for the people before deciding the HST was the best option for BC. Stayed turned to the news and your mailbox to see how Premier Campbell will explain the advantages to the HST.

This referendum is yet another reason to have more knowledge about our provincial government.

Hope to see you in my civics 11 class or a social studies class next term.

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(September 19, 2010)

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