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Courses to Consider
by Brad

This week students were busy making course selections. I faced many questions about individual courses and answered as best I could, but for those of you who still have not registered (be prepared for a busy busy centre this week!) here are some course descriptions and information that may help you make a better decision this semester. The descriptions are particularly important for those of you preparing to graduate this year since not every course is offered in both semesters.

Accounting 11:

Offered this term on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 12:00 to 2:30, Accounting 11 will be followed by Accounting 12 in the second term. And yes, you must take Accounting 11 before 12, so it is important to register for the course this semester. Accounting 11 counts as a Math credit for your adult graduation. Accounting 11 and 12 are taught by Louise, a highly experienced and energetic teacher.

Here is a description of the course:

Accounting 11 introduces the students to the theory of accounting. It explains accounting principles, describes the role of accounting in business, and covers the accounting cycle. The focus is on accounting for a service business using manual (hand-written) procedures. As well as the “how” of accounting tasks, the course covers the “why” of accounting, as well as the critical analysis of financial transactions and statements. No previous accounting knowledge or experience is needed.

Once students understand the basics of accounting, they can apply their knowledge using a computerized accounting system introduced in Accounting 12.

You can read a former student's description of the course here:  Accounting 11: A Practical Choice

Biology 12:

Offered this term on Monday and Wednesday mornings from 9:00 to 11:30, Biology 12 is popular with students who wish to entire the medical profession, particularly those who wish to become Registered Nurses. Tazim is a patient and thorough teacher who helps her students learn the many interesting facts necessary to understand the functioning of the human body.

Here is a description of the course:

Biology 12 is a course which focuses on human biology after an introduction to cell biology, processes and applications.

You can read a former student's description of the course here: Biology 12: Learning about the Human Body

Civic Studies 11:

Offered this term on Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 12:00 to 2:30, Civics is counted as one of your "12s" for adult graduation. For this reason alone it is a very good course to take. Cheryl is a well prepared teacher who makes her courses fun and interesting.Offered in the first term only.

Here is a description of the course:

This course focuses on the political institutions of Canada, political decision-making, and what it means to be an informed, participating, and responsible citizen in local, national, and global contexts. By the end of this course, we hope that you will be able to define what a good citizen is—in your classroom, school, community, country, and the world—and to state what being a citizen means to you.

You can read a former student's description of the course here: The Beneficial Course: Civics Studies 11

Data Management 12:

Offered this term on Monday and Friday afternoons from 12: 00 to 12:30, Data Management 12 is an excellent preparation for the modern workplace. Your teacher L is very experienced with the Microsoft Office 2007 suite of programs and provides each student with a laptop to practice during his classes. Offered in the first term only.

Here is a description of the course:

This hands-on, project-based course will cover computer hardware (the physical equipment), the operating system (Windows Vista), and the applications software contained in Microsoft Office 2007. You will learn how to:

       word-process using MS Word,
       create business spreadsheets using MS Excel,
       manage databases using MS Access,
       access the Internet,
       manage your photos, and
       create PowerPoint presentations.

English 11 and 12:

Offered on Wednesday and Friday (English 12 in the morning; English 11 in the afternoon), English is an important course for graduation. Students who need extra help to prepare for English 12  take English 11.Offered in both terms.

Here is a description of the course:

English 12 is the key to entering a college or university. More importantly, the course prepares students to communicate successfully and clearly in the modern world. I am the teacher and follow a curriculum that emphasizes student interaction and group work. Speaking and listening are important to the class and to the mark obtained. A student blog provides a safe place for us to hear each other's voices in writing (and to practice). My goal as a teacher is to prepare students well for the demands of post secondary education.

Principles Math 11:

Offered on Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 12:00 to 2:30, Principles Math 11 gives students a required course credit for graduation. Trudi teaches the course for us and is a dedicated teacher who works hard to ensure all students understand course material well.

The chapter content areas comprising Principles of Mathematics 11 are:

(i) Geometry, chapters 7, and 8;
(ii) Functions, chapters 2 and 3;
(iii) Equations and Inequalities, chapters 4 and 5;
(iv) and Coordinate Geometry, chapter 9. Upon the completion of each chapter, students must write a test covering the material.

Writing 12:

Offered on Thursdays from 2:30 to 5:00, Writing 12 provides students with a graduation credit that counts as one of your three "12s."

Here is a description of the course:

As a full-year course, Writing 12 allows students time to develop essential writing skills that will aid them in communicating ideas successfully to others. This year, students will learn to write a full-length narrative essay, a short story, an article about our school,  a review of a favourite book and movie, and several short poems. Exercises that teach sophisticated techniques are given each week, along with discussions of ideas and on-screen commenting on student work. Offered in both terms; students may join late, but need to catch up on prior assignments if they do.

I teach Writing 12 and strongly encourage any reluctant writers to join us this term. Previous students have told me that skills learned in the course have helped them to "stand out" in the workplace as a better-than-average writer.

You can read a former student's description of the course here: All You Wanted to Know about Writing 12

Also offered this term is Chemistry 11 from 3:45 to 6:15 on Wednesday and Friday. Communications 12 day class is now full, but is also offered in the evenings from 6:30 to 9:00 on Monday and Tuesday.



(September 12, 2010)

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