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Daffodil Month
by Dina

April is Daffodil Month. The sale of daffodils is used to raise awareness about cancer as well as funds for cancer research.

April 9th, 2010 was the first annual Daffodil Day.  “Daffodil Day is a day to acknowledge that cancer has come into our lives, our families and our communities but we will fight back.” Daffodil pins were worn to show support for loved ones with cancer. Photos of daffodils.

There are over 200 different types of cancer which means that most people have been touched by cancer directly or indirectly.

Cancer is a disease that starts in the cells of the body. It causes the cells to form tumours (lumps). There are two types of tumours: benign (non-cancerous) and malignant (cancerous). Benign tumour cells are not usually life-threatening, but malignant tumour cells can spread to other parts of the body.

There are some steps we can take to help prevent cancer. The prevention of cancer starts with healthy living. A healthy lifestyle includes not smoking, eating well, and keeping active. The Canadian Cancer Society and the BC Cancer Agency have more information about cancer, prevention, and research.

Canadian Cancer Society

B.C. Cancer Agency

“Cancer Connections” is a traveling nationwide photo exhibition presented by the Canadian Cancer Society and PhotoSensitive. It uses photographs to illustrate the broad range of how cancer affects the lives of countless Canadians. It will be in Vancouver at 200 Granville Street Plaza from April 20 to May 3.

“The vision of this exhibit is to invite Canadians to tell their story of living with cancer using the power of black and white photography, and by sharing with others to be a catalyst for engaging and connecting a nation in conversations about cancer.” Find out more.

 (April 17, 2010)

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