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Getting Ready for Next Term
by Cheryl

Now is the time for many students to start thinking about grade 11 and 12 courses for next semester. After the Christmas break, the time will go quickly, and before we know it, the next semester will begin on January 31st.  Next semester, in the daytime, we will be offering: Communications 12, English 11 and 12, Accounting 12, Family Studies 12, Data Management 12, Law 12, Biology 12, Writing 12, Principles of Math 11, and in the evening Communications 12, Civics 11 and Biology 12.

Next term, starting on February 2nd, I will be teaching Law 12 at the Pearson Adult Learning Centre. If you are looking for a grade 12 course, this might be of interest to you. We will be studying Canadian Law and there will be:  assignments, case studies, chapter tests, maybe a field trip to the courts in New Westminster, and one additional bonus- NO Final Exam!

Law 12
The Law 12 curriculum enables students to become legally literate citizens who:

understand fundamental legal principles including equality, justice, and liberty
recognize and act upon their rights and responsibilities
identify legal elements in problems
prevent or address legal problems in everyday life
apply their learning about the law to their studies, careers, and daily lives
Course Content: This course is designed to provide students with a basic introduction to the Canadian legal system.

Foundations of Law (Principles, Concepts and Sources of Law)
Foundations of Law (Structure and Processes of the Legal System)
Criminal Law
Civil Law (Tort Law)
Civil Law (Contract Law)
Law and the Family
At his best, man is the noblest of all animals; separated from law and justice he is the worst.



(December 12, 2010)

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