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Math Upgrading
by Renuka

Have you been upgrading your Math skills? All students who have not yet reached the Grade 11 level of Math should be working on their Math Upgrading. At our school, we use a series of Prism Math workbooks from Level 4 (Red) to Level 9 (Purple). You can work through the lessons in these books at your own pace.

When you complete all the lessons in a chapter, you can try the Practice Test and Pre-Test sections to prepare for your quiz. You will write some quizzes in your Literature and Science classes. However, you can also write quizzes in the lab any time that the lab is open. This allows you to “get ahead” in your Math upgrading. When you complete all the quizzes for your level, you can take the final certificate test. When you successfully complete this test, you can move onto the next workbook in the next level of Math upgrading.

If you need help with your Math upgrading, you can come to the lab for help whenever the lab is open. You can also attend a Math tutorial class if it fits in your schedule. Watch for the new “Math Tutorial” timings in your schedule for next term’s classes (starting in February).

This is a time when you can come to the lab and work in your Math workbook, and a teacher will be there to answer your Math questions.
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(December 19, 2010)

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