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Mother's Day
by L

It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday. In Canada, it’s always on the 2nd Sunday in May. On this day, we honour our mothers for all they have done for us.

It’s a great day to visit, call, or take your mother out for a day of pampering. Through the internet, it’s still not too late to send an e-card greeting. Flowers and or chocolates are usually well-received. How about a gift certificate to a spa?

For a low cost option, you could do a rare no-work day for mom. Taking over the cooking, cleaning and other household chores from mom will give everyone a better appreciation of what mothers have to do on a daily basis - on top of showering us with love and caring.

Check out the site below for lots of information and ideas: Mother's Day

If you are reading this after Sunday, it’s never too late to do a belated Mother’s Day celebration. Flowers are cheaper, and it’ll be a lot easier to get a table in a restaurant then.

P.S. Fathers shouldn’t feel too left out. Your day is next month on the 20th, the 3rd Sunday in June.

 (May 9, 2010)

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