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The Red Mittens
by Helen

We’ve been waiting for years for this and now it’s almost here. Regardless of whether you are for or against them, the Olympics, the athletes, and the many visitors to our city will be arriving in under 12 days. What are you doing to show your support?

I am showing mine along with an elite group: Roberto Luongo, Premier Campbell, and all 12 000 torch bearers.

The phenomenon of the red mittens was brought to my attention just before Christmas by my mother who was desperately trying to acquire enough pairs for children, grandchildren, and neighbours, only to find her name at the end of a 13 page waiting list. The Hudson’s Bay Company was selling them for $10 a pair when you could get them, but they were also available on eBay for three times that price.  In the end, my mother’s name came up twice and she managed to get a sum total of four pairs which was a bitter sweet result as she had seven people on her list.

It was either luck or I am one of my mother’s favourite children (and I’m choosing the latter) because I received a pair in my stocking. It crossed my mind to leave them in their original packaging and not wear them, so one day I could sell them for thousands of dollars on eBay. However, I snipped the tie last weekend and put them on. I wore them for only ten minutes before I had to take them off; our west coast weather is not conducive to warm fuzzy woolen mittens!

For all Olympic news check out the City of Vancouver web site.


(January 31, 2010)


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