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The Year of Science
by Renuka

This past Friday, I spotted our premier, Gordon Campbell, at Science World in Vancouver. “I wonder what he is doing here,” I thought to myself. Soon after, I learned that Premier Campbell had visited Science World to officially announce that this school year will be the Year of Science in BC.

It is predicted that jobs related to Science will increase faster over the next decade than other occupations.  Of the top fifty jobs that are expected to have shortages of qualified employees, almost all of them require training in the fields of Science and Math.

There are many Science-related events going in communities throughout the province. To learn more about events in your community or to learn about the Year of Science, visit the official website .

If you are not already taking a Science class, talk with your teachers to see which Science classes are available for your level of study.



(September 26, 2010)

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