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Vocabulary Development: Size Verbs (Part 2)
by Louise

In my previous feature we learned eight synonyms for the word “small.” This time we are going to expand our vocabulary for verbs that mean “getting smaller.”


Read the following sentences which contain synonyms for the verb “getting smaller”:


1.      Don’t wash my wool sweater in hot water; it will shrink. (get smaller in size)


2.      Great Britain’s power declined after World War Two. (to fall or decrease)


3.      Please condense the main ideas of this article into two sentences. (to reduce something without losing much of its contents)


4.      When the heart contracts, blood is sent out from the heart to the rest of the body. (to become smaller usually by a force inside)


5.      We had to wait for the rain to subside before we could leave the house. (to become less; to go back to normal; to fall)


6.      The hurricane finally abated after several hours.(to reduce something which is too much or large like wind, storms and pain.)


7.      The number of students in the class decreased after the midterm exam. (to become less in number, strength or quality)


8.      After Christmas, the prices were reduced. (to make something smaller or cheaper)


9.      The flow of water from the tap gradually dwindled away to nothing. (to become less gradually)


10.  The government’s popularity diminished after it introduced the new tax. (become smaller)


Now try the two quizzes to help you remember these new words. Try using one or two of them in your writing.


Quiz 1 (This one is challenging!)


Quiz 2


(October 17, 2010)

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