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  Weekly Feature (July 25, 2010)


Louise's Weekly Feature
Vocabulary Development: Size Words


This week let us work on expanding our vocabulary for the word “small.”

Read the following sentences which contain synonyms for the word “small”:

1. A baby has tiny toes and fingers. (very small)

2. Cell phones have minute computer chips. (very small) (Be careful of the pronunciation!)

3. Cell phones have become more diminutive every year. (very small and less heavily built)

4. A dwarf apple tree produces normal size apples.( below normal size)

5. The Barbie doll has miniscule shoes. (very, very small)

6. The damage from the earthquake was minimal. (small in quantity, value or degree)

7. A doll house has miniature furniture.( a very small copy or example of something)

8. Bacteria are microscopic in size. (very small so only can be seen with special equipment)

Now try the two quizzes to help you remember these new words. Try using one or two of them in your writing.

Quiz 1

Quiz 2



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