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Winter Safety Tips
by Trudi


BRRRRRRR!!! The cold weather has arrived, and snow has come with it already. Winter does not officially arrive until December 21st this year. It seems like it will be a very long cold winter this year. With this in mind, I thought it would be a good idea to know how to prepare ourselves for this weather and how to stay safe too.

If schools are going to be closed, information about the closures will be announced after 6:30 am on local radio stations like AM 980, 1140, 690, 1470, and television stations like CBC, BCTV, City TV, and CTV BC.

Wintertime is a time that the days get colder and darker. While this is difficult for some of us, it is also a time to have fun. There are a number of sites that I found that give great information for winter weather including having fun safely, walking, and driving.

Car and driving tips for this winter weather.

This BC Children’s Hospital site gives information about safety for children inside and outside the home.

This site provides information about walking on snow and ice

This site provides information for parents about how to keep their children safe.


We hope that everyone is able to stay safe in this weather, and we hope you can have some fun too.

(November 28, 2010)

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