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Christmas Gives Opportunities
by Jennifer

It’s Christmas time again.  How quickly it comes!  It seems like we barely crest out of fall – and right into December.  I like Christmas because it brings out the good in people.  At Christmas, we all give because it feels good to!  It’s the annual time to dust off good cheer and good times, generosity and good feelings.

And I think that’s the wonderful part of Christmas and ourselves.  The wonderful part about Christmas is that we can give.  It’s the time of year we’re reminded tangibly and intangibly about love and giving to others.  In our busy, busy working world, it’s a reminder to care about others and to think of those less fortunate than we are.  And there are so many who are.

So, this Christmas might be a good time to take an unwrapped toy to the CTV television station in downtown Vancouver on the corner of Robson and Burrard.  And when you pass the jingle-jangle of the Salvation Army bells outside a store, if you can, put in a dollar towards a good meal for one of our many homeless citizens – they eat, too!  And if your heart leads you towards a slightly bigger opportunity to give, go to the World Vision Canada site, and look up “gifts.”  For $30, you can buy 3 soccer balls so a village of children can play, or the same amount will buy 3 warm blankets for a family to share.  $35 will buy 2 rabbits, a small business opportunity for a family. 

There are many ways to give.  I love Christmas!  Do you?



(December 26, 2010)

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