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Becoming a Better Reader
by Louise

We all want to be able to read more effectively. Below are some strategies to help you become a better reader in English. After you have read the seven strategies, read two news stories to try out your new skills.


1. Think Before You Read

Before you begin, look over what you are going to read and try to guess what it is going to be about.


2. Find the General Topic of the Reading

Think about what you already know about this topic. Are there any pictures with the reading? Can you imagine something about this topic in your mind? As you read, compare the information in the text with what you already know.


3. Think about Your Purpose in Reading

Use your purpose to decide if the information you are reading is useful. Do you need to read more? Do you need to change the way you are reading?


4. Don’t Worry about Understanding the Exact Meaning of Every Word

Try to get the general idea of the meaning. Keep reading through the text. Don’t stop to look up words in the dictionary. Later, think again about these words and ask yourself if you understand the meaning better after reading the whole text.


5.  Read a Passage More Than Once

Each time you read, look for more information and try to understand the text more clearly.


6.  Ask Questions as You Read

Ask questions of the author as you are reading.


7. Read As Much As You Can

Try reading books, newspapers or magazines. The important thing is to find something you are interested in. Read whenever you can. Don’t worry about understanding every word-concentrate on main ideas. Keep reading and reading and reading!


Why not read these short stories and answer the questions while trying out some of these reading strategies? You, too, can become a better reader. Good luck!


(March 27, 2011)

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