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Brainstorm First
by Renuka

In the past several weeks, I’ve had the chance to work with students who were practicing their essay-writing skills. With Certificate Exams less than a month away, I have decided to share the technique of brainstorming. The key to writing a strong essay is to organize one’s ideas and express them clearly. Making a brainstorm is the first step in generating and organizing ideas for writing.

Once you know your topic, take a few minutes to write down as many ideas as you can related to the topic. During the brainstorm, don’t edit or judge your ideas. Simply write them all down. As you begin to write them, you may trigger new thoughts on the same topic.

Next, take a look at your brainstorm and cross out any ideas that seem to be off topic. Sort through the remaining ideas, grouping ones that are similar. Choose three ideas or groups of ideas to write about, one for each of the three body paragraphs. Although you may have many other ideas, it is important to focus on just some of your ideas in order to maintain a well-organized essay. Select the order in which you wouldlike to present your three ideas and use them to write your thesis statement. Then, you’re on your way to writing a well-organized essay!

(May 22, 2011)

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