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Canada's Census: May 2011
by Trudi

The Canadian government will be mailing yellow information packages for the census in early May. A census is information that is taken by the government from citizens so that they can understand where people come from and settle and what people may need from government in services (like health care and education). The information gives all three levels of government information about what their region looks like and what their citizens may need. The information provided on the census gives a complete picture of Canadian society. 

Completing the census is not only important, but it is also required by law. Some of the questions on the census form may be confusing or difficult to answer. If you do not understand what the questions are asking or what to do with the forms, the government will be providing help. Statistics Canada, the people collecting this information, will give free, safe and secure help in filling in the form with you. If you need help, take your survey and the access code (printed on the survey) to someone from Statistics Canada. Statistics Canada helpers are required to keep your information private and safe.

In New Westminster, on Thursday, May 5th at 3 p.m .and on Tuesday, May 10th at 3 – 7 p.m., the New Westminster Public Library will be having people from Statistics Canada to help fill in the census forms.
Information about the census as well as the survey can be found at the Canadian government website, Census 2011

This website allows you to find information as well as complete the survey online. 

The survey wants information on all citizens in Canada, young and old, so that everyone can get a true, clear understanding of who is living in Canada. This information will help the government make decisions about the future.

(May 1, 2011)

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