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Setting Effective Goals
by L

   "My goal is to do well in life," a student recently confided to me. While this is an admirable goal, for some of us, it will take half a lifetime before we can congratulate ourselves on achieving that goal. For others, it's a moving target that will never be checked off as "Done". To set more effective goals, we need to break that long-term target down into bite-sized portions to give ourselves more frequent support and reinforcement.

Setting daily, weekly, or monthly goals will make each part of your longer term goal seem more attainable.  Life is a journey - chart it with plenty of signposts to show how much you have accomplished along the way. If it's a tough journey, it helps to remind ourselves of what we've managed to overcome to get this far.

Remember to set realistic goals and to reward yourself with many pats on the back as  positive reinforcements of your efforts. 

Here are some web-sites that will help you in setting and achieving your goals:

Personal Goal Setting

Effective Goal Setting Tips

Just by clicking on the links, you have already started working on your goal - congratulations!

(August 25, 2011)

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