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In Class or Self Paced?
by Paul

While many of our courses are available through classroom instruction, we also offer quite a few self-paced courses.  As a registered student at our Learning Centre, and depending on your level of studies and on the subject area of the course or courses you wish to take, you may have an option on the method of instruction.  A student could be given a choice of either attending classes, or studying self-paced, or both.

The difference between studying in a class and studying self-paced may be clear for some, but perhaps not clear for others.  In-class learning is led by the classroom instructor.  He or she teaches the class, sets the pace, provides the learning material, schedules the assignments and tests, plans the classroom activities and the content being taught, and evaluates each student.  An in-class course therefore provides a classroom structured learning environment, and students need to follow the instructor’s planned schedule for the course.  In addition, an in-class course needs to be completed by the end of a term.

On the other hand, a self-paced course allows you to progress through the course at your own speed.  You can follow a study schedule which you create, one that suits your lifestyle and/or your work schedule.  A self-paced course can even be completed in less than one term or, it maybe possible to extend it to longer than a term. We provide you with the necessary study material such as the course outline, study guide, books, and relevant Internet references. 

Although self-paced course tests can only be written in our Learning Centre, you don’t have to write the particular test until you feel that you’ve mastered the concepts that are being tested.  While a self-paced course doesn’t have formal teacher-led classroom instructions, you can always study in our Computer Lab whenever we’re open.  An instructor will be available in the Computer Lab to give you one-on-one course guidance and support.


So whether you’re a new or continuing student at our Learning Centre, be sure to discuss with our instructors the course options which may be available to you.  Depending on your level of studies, your life style, your learning style, and/or your work schedule, in-class or self-paced courses may help you succeed in achieving your education and career goals.

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(April 10, 2011)

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