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Learning Keyboarding Skills
by Louise


Hopefully you have enrolled in Pearson Adult Learning Centre’s Computer course (ICT 10). If not, please ask your teacher how to register. A major goal of the computer course is to help you improve your keyboarding skills.

 If you need a change from the programs you have been using, why not try these websites. I think they will make you laugh at the same time you are learning.

 This first game reviews individual keys by typing the letters or numbers on cups.

 In this game you practice typing words as they appear on ghosts.

 This link takes you to two games: the Keyman Typing game and the more relaxing, at least at first, the Bubbles Typing game. In the first game you will have to escape from the evil typo ghosts while in the second you will burst bubbles before they reach the surface.

 This final website you might like to try is called “Dance Mat Typing.” It is sponsored by the BBC and is the most comprehensive with four levels.

 Have fun!



(September 4, 2011)

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