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Learning to Spell
by Louise

 Are you frustrated because you can’t remember how to spell important words when you are writing paragraphs and essays?

Do you need to memorize the spelling of specialized vocabulary for biology, chemistry or data management?

Why not try some of these spelling websites which are designed to help you improve your spelling.

This first link is an entry from The Spelling Blog, a blog about English spelling written by Johanna Stirling. In this entry, Johanna suggests a simple but effective way to learn to spell new words called “Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check.”

The Spelling Blog

The blog suggests a few sites to practice this strategy. I would particularly recommend this site Look and Cover Spelling
because you can practice the lists on the site or make up your own.

Another amazing website is Spellingcity Spelling City

A huge advantage of this site is the oral component. You can put in your own list or use theirs and the website will dictate the words for you to spell and even use your words in a sentence. The site also uses your list to make up a variety of games. Definitely try out this website and I think you will see a huge improvement in your spelling.

(October 10, 2011)

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