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My Favourite Summer Pastime
by Charlotte

My favourite pastime this summer has been picking three different kinds of berries. On July 1st, Canada Day, I ventured out into the strawberry patch in Richmond. Joined by my twin sister, two nieces and eldest daughter, we picked 40 pounds of delicious and ripe strawberries.

After being in the hot, scorching, midday sun for two hours, we drove home  and proceeded to clean the strawberries, cut them, freeze some of them, and make jam out of the rest! In mid-July, I drove out to the raspberry capital of Canada, the city of Abbotsford, to meet with my Dad and pick raspberries for free! At first we noticed that most of the berries were moldy because of all the rain we had had. However, after talking with a farmhand, we soon discovered a much better harvest of raspberries, and in two hours we had filled up all the ice-cream buckets that we had brought along! After a quick lunch at my parents’ apartment, I headed back home and froze most of the berries in ziplock bags.

Finally, on August 1st, B.C. Day, I went blueberry picking with my eldest daughter and niece in the farming community on Westham Island. Here we noticed people of all ages and nationalities, eagerly picking from a plentiful harvest of berries. Since these berries are much smaller than raspberries and strawberries, it took us a longer time to fill up all our buckets before we could call it a day!

After picking all these berries and sitting down with my mixed-berry smoothie, I can enjoy the fruits of my summertime labour, while sitting in the sun on my back porch!

(August 7, 2011)

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