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Visiting Pender Island
by Cheryl

This summer my family decided to go to Pender Island for a one week vacation, and we enjoyed it so much we might go again next year.

Pender Island is one of the Southern Gulf Islands which means you must take a ferry from Tsawwassen. The ferry takes about 2 hours with stops at Gabriola and Mayne Islands.
The ferry ride itself is a wonderful experience on a sunny day.

Once on Pender Island, we stayed at a cottage resort called Currents at Otter Bay which has a Marina. We fished off the rocks but mostly caught crabs which we ate for dinner. Also, we canoed and kayaked around the quiet bay and watched the many seals feeding on fish. One day we even saw a large pod of Killer Whales moving across the bay towards the ferry dock!  

The island also has a Saturday Farmer’s Market where we bought the best blackberry pie and plenty of fresh produce.  Another must is the free Disk Golf Park near Magic Lake. Magic Lake is the fresh water “swimming hole” on the island.  We played disc golf for the first time and really enjoyed it. You need special Frisbees which you can buy at the local store or rent at the Kayak Shop at The Port Browning Marina. The course is a granite hill with lots of trees so it is a good hike at the same time. We enjoyed it so much that we went a second time. It has 27 posts instead of holes.  Pender Island also has a 9 hole golf course which has 2 for 1 on Wednesdays, so we enjoyed an afternoon of real golf as well.

Pender Island is really two islands connected by a small one lane bridge. One day we drove down to the south island and enjoyed an afternoon lunch at Poet’s Cove.  This is a luxury resort with a wonderful spa, but it wasn’t in our budget!  A walk on the marina dock is a showcase for many large American yachts.

Another great experience on Pender Island is deer watching. Deer are everywhere! You have to be especially careful when driving in the evening or in the dark!  One night we counted 15 deer in our 10 minute drive!  The islanders say there are more deer than people on the island!

Finally,  my youngest son mentioned to some of his friends when we arrived home that there were no fast food restaurants or pizza takeout places, no video game stores, or mall on Pender Island . Perhaps this is what I enjoyed the most about the island way of life. We enjoyed BBQ dinners on our ocean view deck and a week of great family time!

Maybe you might enjoy a trip to this wonderful island one summer.

(August 14, 2011)

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