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Why Study Science?
by Paul

Science is all around us.  We use science principles, knowledge, and concepts in nearly everything we do throughout each day.  When you use a computer, cook a meal, read a map, check the weather report, use a cell phone, drive a car, or solve a dilemma, you’re using science.  In a broad sense, science can be defined as all the available knowledge about our natural world and about the universe. The three main disciplines or branches of science are biology, chemistry, and physics.


Biology is concerned with the study of life.  It includes such concepts as structure, growth, function, reproduction, origin, and evolution of living organisms, including of course humans.  Chemistry is the science focusing on the structure, properties, and composition of matter, including the study of how matter changes through chemical reactions.  Physics deals mostly with the motion of matter, looking at energy, force, light, electricity, and other related topics.  The branches of science are not isolated from one another.  Science disciplines are closely linked because they share scientific facts and details.


With today’s rapid advances in science and technology, it’s certainly very important to become familiar with science vocabulary and scientific concepts.  It is simply not possible to escape the many advantages of being knowledgeable in science.  Learning science helps to develop your English reading, writing, and speaking skills.  Your math skills will likely improve too.  As well, you’ll understand better many subject areas because science is found in all sorts of different subjects and topics.  Furthermore, you’ll gain knowledge and skills for getting a good job, for dealing better with many challenges, and for becoming more involved with your community.  Understanding science helps one in so many different ways.


Our Learning Centre offers science courses at all levels of study, from upgrading levels through to grade 12.  The general science courses we have cover topics in many different branches of science, while our senior level science courses specialize in areas such as biology, chemistry, or physics.


Our teachers will help you choose the science and other courses to match your interests and your education and career plans.  See you at our Learning Centre! 


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(January 23, 2011)

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